Originality – are we encouraging it in our classrooms?


When running a workshop for a primary class once, instead of asking students to take out pencils to write, I asked them to find some way to write (a task). In my mind, I imagined students would simply take out their pencils. Little did I know how creative and original students could be. From crayons […]

Business and originality – its importance is ever growing

Content is king in every business. It defines your business, your product and service offerings – and in order to be different and interesting to your customers, it needs to be unique. Every business creates a huge amount of content on a daily base, and there’s hardly any department anymore that doesn’t create content of some sort.

The Future of Writing Style Analyses: Ouriginal Metrics as a Learning Analytics Tool

In the last two parts of this series (part 1, part 2) on computational linguistics and writing style analytics, we mostly discussed how stylometry can be used to detect ghostwriters. Besides this scenario, Ouriginal Metrics could also be used as a learning analytics tool to analyze students writing styles, help them to improve their writing skills.