Literacy – A Superpower That is Still Not Available To Everyone


Last Saturday the ‘World Book Day’ was celebrated around the globe – which is deeply connected with a cause that I’m passionate about: Literacy. You can’t read a book without the ability to read, and it is an ability that some children in this world still don’t get the chance to obtain.   What is ‘reading […]

Contract cheating: How it affects original work

Have you ever thought or wanted someone else to write an assignment for you? Or maybe even thought of recruiting someone to complete your assignment? This behavior is called contract cheating and it is a form of academic misconduct and can carry serious repercussions, which may include resulting in failing your work and having to resit or even expulsion.

Why Originality in Business Administration is Crucial for Your Company’s Success

Originality in Business Administration

The hidden dangers of using business process templates to overcome complexity challenges What is the ultimate business goal of a company? There are many approaches for defining this. A common definition from a micro-economic perspective is to say that the goal of probably every business is to be ‘successful’. Regardless of how success is defined […]

Plagiarism in marketing: will your content be considered original?

Plagiarism in marketing: will your content be considered original?

In today’s digitized world, every marketer has access to millions of websites, blog posts, reports, handbooks, how-to’s, infographics, and templates at their fingertips. Adding free translation tools on top, there’s a whole universe where people in need of quick and easy content can refer to, to produce quick results. But quick fixes might not always be favorable.

Is artificial intelligence a threat to academic integrity?

AI threat to academic integrity

As AI develops in its capabilities and becomes ‘smarter’, students will be able to harness the power of these tools to write high-quality essays and articles on their behalf. But are educational institutions ready to tackle this challenge in the near future?

What is plagiarism and how can we help educational institutions prevent it?

plagiarism detection

Simply put, plagiarism is passing off someone else’s work or idea as your own, without their consent or without giving them due credit. New forms of plagiarism are emerging and educational institutions therefore need to constantly educate their staff and adapt their knowledge and tools accordingly.