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Ouriginal for corporates and businesses

Are you a publisher, media house, news agency, law firm or a corporate producing content? 

Then Ouriginal is for you!

Ensure the originality of your content with our efficient solution and protect your revenue and reputation

Content is king in every business. It defines your business, your product, and service offerings – and to be different and interesting to your customers, it needs to be unique.

Ouriginal’s text-matching technology helps you do just that. Our easy-to-use solution detects and highlights similarities in text in a matter of minutes, enabling you to check the authenticity of your content.

Who is Ouriginal for?

Why choose Ouriginal?

Remain in control of your data

We take privacy and data security very seriously at Ouriginal. All your documents are treated with absolute confidentiality, and you always remain in full control of your data. We also comply with the principles of GDPR which regulates an organization’s practices for personal data protection.

Avoid loss of reputation

By using Ouriginal you guarantee that all your content is original or duly cited and referenced, thereby reducing the risk of any plagiarised content from getting published. This in turn will help your company preserve its reputation and avoid any financial loss or hefty legal fines.

Preserve the quality of your content

Ouriginal makes sure that the content you publish and distribute is unique and that it adheres to the highest level of integrity. You will have complete peace of mind knowing that our sophisticated algorithms will detect and highlight even the smallest of similarities, helping you create only quality content.

How does Ouriginal work?

From submitting content to receiving the analysis report – Ouriginal is efficient and easy to use.

The system accepts files in a variety of formats and compares the submitted content against our extensive database which consists of three main sources: the internet – we curate material from across the web including business sites and platforms that are only accessible through password-protected systems. We have access to licensed journals and publications via our agreements with a large number of publishers. And finally, the submitted content is compared with all content previously submitted by you – helping prevent self-plagiarism.

Once the analysis is completed, the report is made available to you in an easy-to-read format.

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