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Protect the reputation of your business​

Are you a publisher, media house, news agency, law firm or a corporate producing content? 

Then Ouriginal is for you!

Why Ouriginal for corporates

Our text-matching technology can be used in a variety of fields – whether you are a publisher who needs to check the authenticity of your content, a lawyer who needs to examine copyright infringements or a newspaper agency that needs to guarantee that their reports are plagiarism free. Ouriginal lets you check your documents, reports, whitepapers and other content for potential plagiarism in no-time, protecting you from reputational damage.

Quick & easy set-up

The system is web-based and requires no installation. We can have you set up and ready-to-go in a matter of minutes. As a corporate customer, you will also have access to a dedicated support team, ensuring there is always help at hand should you need it.

Control your data

Ouriginal will not claim ownership of your content or share anything without your explicit consent. You remain in full control of your data at all times. In addition, we comply with the principles of GDPR and CCPA which regulates an organization’s practices for personal data protection.

Access to licensed content

We are committed to expanding our comprehensive database to ensure it remains relevant and current for our clients. In addition to open access content available on the internet, our editorial strategy includes the aggregation of important scholarly content from academic publishers such as Springer, Taylor & Francis, Wiley, IEEE and Gale/Cengage.

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