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Ouriginal: Versatile text-matching and writing style analysis

Ouriginal is constantly evolving and re-inventing itself to offer an optimal text-matching solution to our customers. Our product’s versatile functionalities combine an in-depth text analysis with a detailed, easy to read report and can help to prevent plagiarism. 

The intuitive interface makes tracking and comparing results and navigating through the different tools easy. Ouriginal can be used in several different languages and seamlessly integrated into your existing working and learning environment. Ouriginal’s software can recognize writer patterns to verify authorship and can be used to deter ghost writing/ contract cheating.


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Seamless integrations

Our tools can seamlessly integrate into your current workflow without having to change how you work. Ouriginal can be integrated with an ever-increasing list of learning management systems and eLearning tools with whom we partner.

Metrics: Intelligent writing style analysis

This feature takes stylometry to the next level. By using pre-defined quantitative parameters, the software can analyze different writing styles and identify writer patterns which can then be used to verify the authorship of a document. The writing style analysis can be used to deter ghost writing/ contract cheating.

Cross language text matching

This feature helps identify matching text even when it has been translated from another language. Ouriginal’s software can detect similarities in a text irrespective of language.

Licensed content from quality sources

We are committed to expanding our comprehensive database to ensure it remains relevant and current for our clients using our writing styles analysis and text-matching features. In addition to open access content available on the internet, our editorial strategy includes the aggregation of important scholarly content from academic publishers such as Springer, Taylor & Francis, Wiley, IEEE and Gale/Cengage.

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Fewer false positives

False positives can greatly undermine the overall analysis and can make it increasingly frustrating for a user to evaluate the originality of a text. Ouriginal’s machine learning algorithms identify false positives and remove them from the analysis, thereby enhancing the accuracy of the findings.

Detailed reporting

Our analysis report is detailed and presents the findings of our features in an easily readable format. The report highlights the matches in text in the submitted document and lists the most relevant sources to the matched content.

Look at our sample report here.


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