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Ouriginal for Higher Education

Academic honesty and quality of education go hand in hand. Learn more about how we can help encourage original thinking and promote integrity within higher education.


Prevent plagiarism and foster academic integrity at your university

In academia, teachers and instructors are constantly trying to ensure that the work submitted by their students is their own. It is also imperative for institutions to maintain and protect the quality of their degrees.

We can help you achieve these objectives. Ouriginal’s plagiarism prevention solution supports academic integrity by helping universities foster an environment in which fairness sparks personal development.


Why should you use Ouriginal in higher education?

Encourage original thinking in your published research

Having an accurate and efficient plagiarism prevention system established at your university will encourage your students to create original content and deter them from taking short-cuts. This in turn will help you maintain your reputation and integrity.

Use it with your current learning platform

Whether you use Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, Brightspace or any other learning management system, we have the integration for it. Our powerful web API also allows for bespoke integrations without needing to change your current workflow.
Read more about our integrations here.

Remain in full control of your data

Ouriginal will not claim ownership of your content or share anything without your explicit consent. You remain in full control of your data at all times. In addition, we comply with the principles of GDPR and CCPA which regulates an organization’s practices for personal data protection.

Access licensed content

We are committed to expanding our comprehensive database to ensure it remains relevant and current for our clients. In addition to open access content available on the internet, our editorial strategy includes the aggregation of important scholarly content from academic publishers.

Trusted by some of the world's most renowned institutions

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