We at Ouriginal believe that our clients should not have to change the way they work to use our product

Ouriginal offers integrations with all common platforms

Ouriginal can be easily integrated into your school or university’s chosen digital learning tool. We support a lot of different Learning Management Systems (LMS) (like Moodle, CanvasBlackboard and more). Take a look at our growing list of integration partners below!

We also support the Learning Tool Interoperability standard and Shibboleth for Single Sign-On. Additionally, you can build bespoke integrations with our web service or API.

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We can create a new integration for you

In cases where your LMS does not already have an integration with Ouriginal, our developers can create one for it.

We offer, free of charge, a full developer’s kit for established suppliers of digital learning environments – both commercial and academic – along with the ability to assist in the process. The average time to build an integration with Ouriginal’s developer kit is two weeks.

The Ouriginal web service

Our web service communicates through a REST-based protocol that uses XML or JSON over HTTP. The web service handles the process for the submission of documents and retrieval of information on previously submitted documents. The developer’s kit contains documentation that clearly describes these as well as the requirements and recommendations the integrator would need. Together, we can deliver a consistently high-quality service that meets your expectations.

If you would like more information about this or would like to create a new integration, please contact us.

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List of integration partners we currently work with:

  • Arcanic
  • Blackboard
  • Brightspace by D2L
  • Canvas
  • Discendum
  • DisCo
  • Dugga
  • Eduarte
  • Eventful
  • Elearningforce
  • edWise
  • Fronter
  • Google Classroom
  • Haldor
  • Harmonize
  • InfoMentor
  • itslearning
  • IST
  • Inspera
  • Live@Lund
  • LMS365
  • Microsoft Teams for Education
  • Moodle
  • Omnius
  • OnderwijsOnline
  • Online Partner
  • OpenEdu
  • Peergrade
  • PingPong
  • Revisely
  • Sakai
  • SchoolSoft
  • SciPro
  • Simulise
  • Skooler
  • Unikum
  • ViaEcole
  • Vklass
  • WISEflow
  • Wizkids
  • Zokrates
  • Xebic

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