The best solution: Plagiarism Detection made easy with Ouriginal

Ouriginal’s award-winning text analysis tools: The best way to detect and prevent plagiarism regardless of language!

Why do I need a text-matching software like Ouriginal?

Ouriginal helps thousands of institutions to learn about plagiarism and, more importantly, to avoid it. It can severely damage your institution’s reputation. Plagiarism also happens unintentionally. Ouriginal can support your institution in making plagiarism prevention a seamlessly integrated part of your work routine and submissions!

Our product combines an in-depth text analysis with a detailed, easy to read report and Ouriginal can be easily integrated into your institution’s chosen digital learning tool. We support a lot of different Learning Management Systems (LMS) like MoodleCanvasBlackboard and more. Find out more about our integrations here!

Use our award-winning text analysis in several languages!

The intuitive interface makes tracking and comparing results and navigating through the different tools easy. Ouriginal can be used in several different languages and seamlessly integrated into your existing working and learning environment. Ouriginal’s software can recognize writer patterns to verify authorship and can be used to deter ghost writing/ contract cheating.

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Ouriginal’s feauture Ouriginal Metrics takes stylometry to the next level. By using pre-defined quantitative parameters, the text analysis software analyzes different writing styles and patterns which can then be used to verify the authorship of a document and prevent contract cheating or ghost writing.  Stylometry helps to detect not only new ways of cheating or academic misconduct such as commissioned work by ghostwriters or so-called ‘essay mills’, but it can also be used to improve the writing skills of students. 


How can you check for plagiarism with Ouriginal?

EmailDirect uploadLMS integrationPublished materialInternetPreviously submitted materialDocument submissionThe Ouriginal process starts when a document is submitted to the system. Independently of language the text is extracted from the document and the processing begins.The analysisThe text is analyzed and we begin to check for possible text similarity across our three source areas. Ouriginal singles out potential matching sources for further analysis.The resultWhen the process is finished an analysis overview is generated and delivered to the reviewer, either via the used LMS or by email. The results are presented in a comprehensible, interactive analysis report so that the reviewer can make the final judgement if any plagiarism has indeed occurred. FindingsWhen a document starts to display similarities to other sources a matching profile begins to take shape. We not only record the degree of the matches but take any usages of paraphrasing and synonyms into account.

Have a look at Ouriginal’s originality report

Curious to see how a report from Ouriginal looks like?

Fill in the form to access a sample report from Ouriginal. The interface is designed to be as intuitive as possible but we all need a guiding hand at times and here you’ll find a visual guide to all the different parts of the report.

Awards and recognition

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