Prevent plagiarism in secondary education

Equip your students with the best possible tools and the right knowledge to help them exel in their academics

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What is plagiarism prevention?

By plagiarism prevention, we envision the use of Ouriginal as a pedagogical tool. More pupils than ever before are enrolling in higher education which means that competition is only getting bigger. We want to help you provide your pupils with the best possible tools to succeed by laying the groundwork for original thinking and by helping you create awareness around the subject of academic integrity.

Why should you choose Ouriginal for schools?

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Save time and improve accuracy.

Using Ouriginal, an accurate and efficient text-matching software, can save teachers a lot of time.  Our software automatically combs through millions of sources and shows only relevant sources by eliminating so-called false positives.

Promotes academic integrity

Using a plagiarism prevention system in your school shows that you value academic integrity and original thinking and that you want to equip your students with the best possible tools to help them succeed in their academics.

Easy to use

We believe that our customers should not have to change the way they work to use our software. Ouriginal easily integrates with the learning management system (or VLE) your school may use e.g. Microsoft Teams for Education, Google Classroom, etc. Our powerful web API also allows for bespoke integrations, making Ouriginal flexible and non-intrusive to your current workflow.
Read more about our integrations here.

What our clients say about us

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