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On-Demand Webinar: Encouraging originality in students: Why it starts with training the teachers

In academia, teachers and instructors are constantly trying to ensure that the work submitted by their students is original; in other words, written by themselves. There are several tools available in the market to help with this process. However, what we should remember is that fostering originality and academic integrity differs across institutions and disciplines. For example, the way originality is measured in science submissions may be different from that for literature.

Therefore, it is essential and equally important to train the teachers themselves about originality and academic integrity.

We recently hosted a webinar on this topic, where our panelists spoke in detail about teacher training and its importance in maintaining and encouraging originality. You can watch a recording of this webinar by filling out the form below.


Our panelists

Sonja Bjelobaba

Sonja Bjelobaba

Sonja is a researcher at the Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics as well as an associate professor in Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian at the Department of Modern Languages the Uppsala University.

Verena Kunz-Gehrmann

Verena is the Chief Marketing Officer at Ouriginal. Before joining Ouriginal in 2018, she worked for various well-known IT companies in Asia and Europe.

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