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Why Ouriginal?

Benefits of using Ouriginal

Easy to use

Ouriginal is adaptable and easily integrated with popular learning management systems such as Moodle, Blackboard, D2L/Brightspace, Canvas, Microsoft, and Google Classroom along with scores of regional solutions and eLearning tools.

Efficient and accurate

It delivers accurate analysis reports quickly. Our aim is to save our users time while providing insights into textual matches in a reliable and easy-to-understand fashion. Instead of spending hours manually searching for suspicious content, Ouriginal provides an efficient similarity check in just a few clicks. Our solution provides matches that are relevant and accurate by using premium quality content for comparisons.

Highly accessible and reliable

We use multiple servers at independent sites to store data and run the application. So even if one of them goes down, our system can continue functioning as normal. It is designed in a way that there is no single point of failure.

Data security

We take privacy and data security very seriously at Ouriginal. We treat your documents with absolute confidentiality and will never grant access to others without your permission. You always remain in full control of your data. We also comply with the principles of GDPR and CCPA which regulate an organization’s practices for personal data protection.

Customer support

We have a dedicated team of technical specialists that are experts in the field and available to answer your queries. They can be easily contacted via the dedicated customer support number or email. We pride ourselves in knowing each one of our customers and strive to provide a personal service.

Safeguards and promotes academic integrity

Having an accurate and efficient plagiarism prevention system established at your university, school or company means you take academic integrity seriously and shows you care about promoting original thinking and development among students. Furthermore, it safeguards your reputation and assures others of the quality of your degrees and institutional effectiveness.

Access to the Plagiarism Prevention Pool (PPP)

Ouriginal offers you access to the PPP. It is an exclusive joint archive that enables the cross-checking of new submissions with documents already submitted by other clients. The pool expands constantly because it adds all submissions from participating institutions and publishers.


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