The truth about Originality

How does one define originality? As mentioned earlier, there is no one way to define this term. A simple Google search reveals a myriad of meanings and explanations for originality.
The Cambridge dictionary defines originality as the quality of being special and interesting and not the same as anything or anyone else.

On-Demand Webinar: How to identify and deter ghost writing

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[Thank you] On-demand webinar: How to identify and deter ghost writing

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The Catalyst Effect Of The Pandemic On Education: Confronting The New Reality In 2021

Education needs a basic medium that can teach (such as an educator), a medium that contains and ‘delivers’ knowledge (such as books and other materials), and a medium where knowledge can be ‘exercised’ (such as a pen and paper for assignments).

The growing threat of cross-language plagiarism and the challenges in its detection

Cross-language plagiarism refers to the kind of plagiarism or cheating where the source content is in one language while the plagiarised content is in another. In other words, it is plagiarism by translation.

Statement from Ouriginal’s CEO on the intention of joining forces with Turnitin

In light of our very successful launch as a new brand in 2020 and the highly appreciated service we provide to our customers, in March 2021, an agreement was signed with Turnitin LLC with the intention to divest Ouriginal to Turnitin.

Ouriginal adds cross-language plagiarism detection and authorship verification to its solution

The new Ouriginal solution now includes two add-on features – ‘Cross-Language Text Matching’ (CLTM) and ‘Ouriginal Metrics.

Ouriginal Study 2020: Numerical Analysis of EdTech Solutions’ Usage Patterns During the Pandemic

Ouriginal Study 2020 Download our study here

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