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Cookie Policy

About cookies

Cookies are small text files which contain data and are placed on the visitors’ computer, smartphone or other device used when browsing a website. Now and then the website will request the data from the stored cookies. In this way, the website will recognise the visitor. Cookies are used to enhance the browsing experience and make it as smooth as possible. Another common use of cookies is to collect data and statistics about the visitors’ behaviour in order to inform us if the pages fulfil their purpose of informing and guiding a visitor.

Our use of cookies

On ouriginal.com we use cookies to improve the site’s overall user experience and performance, such as remembering your input data when filling out forms etc.

There are two different types of cookies used on ouriginal.com; session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary and are therefor only stored on your computer when browsing the website. As soon as the browsing session ends, the cookie disappears. Session cookies are used to remember your browsing behaviour during the session, e.g. remembering choices made on a previous page.

Persistent cookies will stay on your device even after the browsing session has ended. A persistent cookie will remain on the device for a set period of time and will be activated every time you revisit ouriginal.com. You can at any time erase all persistent cookies stored on your hardware through your browser’s privacy settings.

None of the cookies we use at ouriginal.com store any personal data (not even your IP address), they only use unique identifiers.

Ouriginal.com uses first-party cookies from Google Analytics. This is to continuously evaluate and improve the website by looking into anonymous statistics from our visitors. If you wish to read more about Google Analytics and the cookies collected, you can do that here.

We also use cookies from Pardot, a marketing automation software from Salesforce.com, supporting our customer relationship management. These are set to remember preferences (like form field values) when you return to ouriginal.com.

Pardot sets first-party cookies for tracking purposes and sets third-party cookies for redundancy. Using first-party and third-party cookies together are standard in the marketing automation industry.

Visitors‘ consent

As stated, no personal data is ever stored in any of the cookies used on ouriginal.com. We inform new visitors about our use of cookies by showing a popup banner and linking to this page. By closing the banner, or continuing browsing, you have agreed to the use of cookies. However, if you do not wish that cookies should be used, cookies can be turned off through your browser’s privacy settings.

Further information about how to limit the use of cookies by changing the settings of your browser can be found here:

Cookie settings Internet Explorer
Cookie settings MS Edge
Cookie settings Safari
Cookie settings Chrome
Cookie settings Firefox

If you use a different browser than the mentioned above, you can normally find the cookie settings by clicking “preferences” or “options” in your browsers menu.

However, if you choose not to use cookies when browsing ouriginal.com, some essential functions of the website might not work properly, e.g. logging in to the Ouriginal system.

In the unlikely event where ouriginal.com starts using other forms of cookies that will collect personal information, we will never disclose personal data to any other party. You will also be informed about the use of new cookies and given the opportunity to consent the storage of the cookies in question before they are being stored on your device.

Read more about our privacy policy here.

This website uses cookies to improve the site’s overall user experience and performance. Read more here.