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Our Partners

At Ouriginal, we focus on putting our customers front and center, which has resulted in dependability on our partners that is just as natural as it is crucial. Enabling our customers to provide quality education globally relies on delivering fruitful partnerships and excellent customer experience. Together with our partners, we focus tirelessly on delivering high-quality products and support that customers around the globe know they can rely upon.


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Technology partners

We strive to offer customers seamless use of Ouriginal on any learning platform they might be working with. This has been made possible by our ever-growing list of integrations with our technology partners. You can see a full list of partners here.


In a lot of markets where we might be too far away to provide timely and localized support, we depend on our network of carefully selected resellers to provide our clients the personal and prompt service they deserve. We work with carefully selected resellers and together, we strive to build a sustainable business for both partners and Ouriginal by providing quality products and services that form long-term client relationships.

Why partner with us?

  • Trusted partner of choice: We already support integrations with over 40 learning management systems and have a powerful API and web service that can build bespoke integrations for your customers.
  • Extensive experience: We have more than three decades of experience in text-matching, machine learning algorithms, indexing content, and plagiarism prevention. With access to our experience and solution, we can help you fulfill your customers’ needs better.
  • Dedicated partner team: Our dedicated partner team will be at your disposal at all times and will ensure your success through collaboration, regular communications and training.
  • Cutting-edge technology: You will be able to offer one of the leading and most accurate Software as a Service (SaaS) plagiarism prevention solutions in the market that combines text-matching with writing style analysis.

What our partners say about us

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