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Ouriginal at CCT College Dublin

Enabling a greater understanding of what constitutes academic impropriety

CCT College Dublin has been a user of Ouriginal’s plagiarism detection software for several years now. The College offers a range of qualifications in IT and Business. CCT College is also a member of the Higher Education Colleges Association (HECA). At the heart of these developments is an institutional commitment to the highest academic standards.


Neil Gallagher, College President, was particularly interested in Ouriginal’s software for its educational functionality which enables students to gain a greater understanding of what constitutes academic impropriety.

Gallagher states that the college-wide implementation of Ouriginal, supports priority number 1 of the institution’s Strategic Plan which is to ‘maintain and strengthen academic excellence’ as the ‘highest priority’. In 2019, the College hosted its first Academic Integrity Week organised by Greg South, Assistant Head of the ICT Faculty and Head of Student Services Kathleen Embleton. The week incorporated educational activities and the launch of an institutional Honour Code. Gallagher states that Ouriginal will continue to underpin these broader academic integrity initiatives.

Ken Healy, School Manager and institutional Manager for Moodle will be the Institutional Lead for Ouriginal, working alongside Justin Smyth, College Librarian and Graham Glanville, Dean of School and Head of the CCT Centre for Teaching and Learning to educate faculty and students about Ouriginal and its benefits. Ken who has an MA in IT in Education from Trinity College Dublin, is particularly looking forward to embedding the use of our software into college workflows with Naomi Jackson, Dean of Academic Affairs, to enhance the teaching and learning experience, incorporating a strong and robust focus on academic integrity.

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