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Ouriginal Study 2020

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A study of the effects of the pandemic on the usage of educational technology based on numerical analysis of the usage patterns of Ouriginal’s solutions.

Looking from a global education and EdTech perspective, the year 2020 has been unlike any other – a global pandemic that forced the education industry to transform itself from a traditional classroom teaching setting to a fully remote and digital environment. This has been a stress test for educators and students alike. 

In the study, we analysed three metrics over 2019 and 2020:  

  1. The total number of documents submitted to Ouriginal. 
  2. The average number of words in submitted documents. 
  3. The total volume of content submitted i.e., total number of words scanned by Ouriginal.  

Basically, what we wanted to find out was – were more documents being checked during the lockdowns or less? Was digital learning affecting the length of a student’s assignment? Were more people resorting to EdTech solutions? 

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